Rugby Six Nations 2022 Live Stream TV Channels, Schedule

How to Watch Rugby Six Nations 2022 Live Stream: All eyes are set on the Six Nations 2022 Rugby Tournament which is scheduled to begin on 5 February and will last till 19th Match 2022. The 2022 championship was the longest in history, with delays caused by the Covid 19 pandemic which didn’t conclude until 31st October.

The 2022 Six Nations championship was an adrenaline-pumping encounter, where two of Italy’s opening three games finished off with a loss. Players from Ireland showed outstanding performance thriving victories over Wales and Scotland.

Six Nations 2022 Live Stream
Rugby Six Nations 2022 Live Stream

This time England lifted the 6 Nations 2022 trophy on points difference ahead of France. Now the excitement is at its peak to know who will triumph in the 2021 Six Nations Championship.

Rugby 6 Nations 2022 Date & Time

We all are eagerly waiting for the schedule and fixtures of the Six Nations 2022. The Six Nations 2022 is all set to take place on Saturday, 5th February 2022. Here you will find a detailed guide about the full list of Six Nations 2022 Live TV fixtures.

The matches will stream live from 2:45 p.m. at the ITV game for free. Also live matches will be streamed online through the ITV hub which can be enjoyed on different devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from anywhere

The much-awaited Six Nations Championship will once again begin its extravaganza from the 6th of Feb 2022 with the opening match between Italy and France. After the recently concluded action pack event of the Rugby World Cup Tournament, rugby fans are all set for the Six Nations Championship.

The upcoming 2022 Six Nations competition is the 22nd Edition of the Rugby 6 Nations tournament which will be hosted at different venues. Total 6 teams France, Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland will participate in this Guinness Six Nations 2022. As per the Fixtures and schedule the Six Nations 2022 matches will be played from 6th February to 20 March.

How to watch the Six Nations from outside your country

There is huge excitement among each of us to enjoy the live matches of the Six Nations championship. So if you are also searching for on How to watch the Six Nations from outside your country then you are in the right place. Six Nations 2022 is the mega event and if you’re abroad, but still wish to enjoy or want to watch your local six nations live coverage, then you can access it by using VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network service.

VPN service allows users to get through live matches without any geo-blocking. Even if you are at a different location, you can access the Six Nations 2022 live matches without changing your IP address.

Express VPN is one of the most trusted and popular VPN service available which features strong security and is user friendly. With the subscription of Express VPN, you can enjoy the live stream of Six Nations matches on different devices at once, like Mobile phones, Smart TVs, Tablets, PCs, iPads, and Macs.

Express VPN subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and also you can access it for one month free. The Annual subscription pack comes with a three months free service.

Rugby 2022 Six Nations live: How to Stream Live from the UK

If you are residing in the United Kingdom, then you can relish the Six Nations matches on free to air. BBC and ITV are the official broadcasting channels to provide live coverage of Rugby Six Nations 2022 matches.

BBC will broadcast live matches of its home games of France, Wales, and Scotland. ITV on the other hand will telecast home matches of Ireland, England, and Italy. Also, viewers can enjoy live stream on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

S4C is the only Welsh language channel to stream live coverage of Wales Six Nations matches.

Those who are residing outside the UK during the Six Nations matches can enjoy the live streaming of the Six Nations 2022 competition by subscribing to the VPN service, which we have mentioned in the information above.

Six Nations 2022 live stream: How to watch from the USA

In the United Nations, all the upcoming Six Nations Rugby 2022 matches will be streamed live on its official sports channel NBC. One can take the advantage of live stream anytime and anywhere by subscribing to the NBC Sports Gold Pass for rugby which is available for &79.99. The pass also includes other championships like Gallagher Premiership, Challenge Cups, and European Champions along with Six Nations.

watch Rugby Six Nations streaming from Australia

Six Nations live streaming is also available in Australia, and so people from Australia can access the live coverage by subscribing to the local sports channel beIN.

With the beIN Sports connect package of $19.99 a month or $179.99 a year, live matches of the Six Nations as well as European football can be viewed. Also, the channel is offering a two-week free trial, which is an added advantage for the beIN subscribers to enjoy the Six Nations Matches.

Following are the beIN subscription package

• Basic Package: $25 / Month
• Premium Package: $35/ Month

** Free 14 day trial for new customers along with on-demand Kayo Sports.

Rugby 6 Nations live stream: How to watch from Europe

One of the strong contenders of the Six Nations competition is France and thus there is huge excitement among people to see their players performing in the event. You can cherish the moment by tuning into the Free to air channel, France 2.

Dmax is another free to air channel exclusively available for Italy, where matches are available online via its Dplay service.

DAZN is another popular on-demand live streaming service available for free in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Ireland

Ireland is also part of the Six Nations event and thus people from Ireland are also excited to see their countries performance. Virgin Media One formerly known as TV3 is the only free to air TV channel to broadcast live coverage of all the matches.

Live matches are also available on phone, tablet, or computer through Virgin TV anywhere.

How to watch 2022 Six Nations live online in New Zealand

New Zealand, also known as Land of the Long White Cloud, will stream live Six Nations 2022 matches through Sky Sportz NZ. Sky Sportz NZ has gained the official rights to stream live coverage in New Zealand.

So if you are willing to subscribe to the channel, then do it before 31st January 2022, as on signing up for 12 months you’ll get the first-month free access. The basic Sky Starter pack comes with $25.99/ month with an additional $31.99 for the Sky Sports channel.

Sky Go also offers live rugby on mobile and other portable gadgets.

How to watch Six Nations 2022 live stream from South Africa

SuperSport is the only official sports channel in South Africa to stream live Rugby 2022 Six Nations matches. Also one can go for the DStv package that provides access to SuperSport along with Blitz and Variety 4 channels. 18 channels are available with premium service.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Asia

Asian Viewers mostly from India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand can access the live stream of Rugby matches through RugbyPass. The detailed cost information is available on RugbyPass, so go get one to enjoy the live-action of the Six Nations 2022 Rugby matches.

Rugby 6 Nations 2022 Live Streaming Official Channels

Six nations participating in the Rugby 2022 Championships will be streamed live for every fixture. Fans can enjoy the live stream of the matches which will have widespread coverage, including past fixture replays, athletes interviews, Highlights, and also the latest rugby news.

In the United Kingdom, BBC and ITV are the two television partners that have acquired rights to provide live coverage of the Six Nations 2022 championships. S4C is the official live streaming channel in Wales. Fans from France and Italy can enjoy the matches through DMAX. TV3 (also known as Virgin Media) will provide live streams in Ireland.

Six Nations 2022 Live Stream Online

One can obtain all the detailed information about the list of media partners representing each country on the Six Nations 2022 Official website. Following is the list of Six Nations 2022 Live Stream Partners

• NBC Sports Network
• Bein Sports
• Nova Sports
• Ziggo Sport
• Arena Sports

Also apart from the above live streaming partners, other 27 official broadcast partners will live to stream the Six Nations 2022 Championship. You will find the list on the Six Nations 2022 Rugby Website as well.

Six Nations Rugby matches are enjoyed in different countries all across the globe. If you are residing in the UK, then you can also relish the rugby moment on BBC One which is the official channel to stream Six Nations 2022 matches. Also, you can enjoy the full-length replays of the fixtures over a decade back in 2007.

One can avail added benefit to relive some of the greatest moments in the history of the six nations. If you wish to watch all the Six Nations 2022 Rugby fixtures Online for free you need a TV license.

BBC One is not the only channel to stream live content of the Six Nations Rugby matches. ITV is another popular live streaming channel available in the United Kingdom that will stream detailed coverage such as pictures, highlights, and interviews. Also, you can access up to date details with all the latest news and biggest stars of the game. All you have to do is to sign in to the ITV Hub before tuning in to the Six Nations Live streaming fixtures.

NBC Sports
Even though American players are not participating in the Rugby Six Nations 2022, the thrill and excitement of the event can be enjoyed in America by tuning in to NBC Sports. All the live streams of each fixture and highlights from the previous contest will be available on NBC Sports.

Viewers from America have to purchase the Rugby pass which will offer them access to rugby events throughout the year as well as the Guinness Six Nations 2022 Rugby games.

People from Italy can watch all the live fixtures of the Six Nations 2022 Rugby on the only official broadcasting channel DMAX. After subscribing to DMAX, you can access all the latest events, fixtures, and also read the papers about the championship. You will also receive timely alerts on signing up on DMAX.

There is good news for rugby fans in Ireland, as TV3 has recently secured rights to live stream the entire Six Nations tournament. Another broadcasting channel RTE will be completing the live coverage, however, you can still find schedule 2022 fixtures, standings, and rugby news on RTE, except full live coverage and the live stream of the Six Nations 2022 Rugby championship. Irish citizens can access the live stream and full coverage of fixtures from every round on TV3.

Rugby Six Nations 2022 Live Stream Online without Cable

NBC Sports, the official broadcasting channel in America has obtained the official license to live stream all the games. NBC Sports Network is also available on Online streaming devices. You can also enjoy some services on multiple devices like TV, computer or mobile phone. So before opting for any Online Channels, we recommend reviewing the details about each streaming service to select the best one for you.

One of the best options available to watch and enjoy the Six Nations 2022 championship fixtures is Fubo TV, as it offers the NBC Sports Network and over 70 total channels. Also one can access live matches on two devices at once and from devices such as Roku or Chromecast.

DirecTV Now
Direct TV Now offers you to stream NBC Sports Network for $40/ Month. One can avail of this basic plan to enjoy over 65 channels and to stream on two devices at the same time. You can give it a try by enrolling for a one week trial before going for a monthly subscription. You can also record the live fixture and enjoy the moments later for 20 hours of DVR storage.

PlayStation Vue
If you are unable to enjoy the live streaming of the Six Nations 2022 fixtures, then Playstation Vue is the best option available which offers you to stream up to five devices at once with an extensive amount of DVR storage.

You can enjoy a five day free trial of Playstation Vue, where the basic package comes with an Access Plan at $44.99/month. With this basic package, you can also enjoy the Six Nations 2022 thrill on NBC Sports Network.

Sling TV
There are many online streaming channels available, but of all Sling TV offers the best service to live stream Six Nations 2022 matches at a great price. Sling TV comes in two packages Orange and Blue Package as one individual package starting at $25/month. Also, Sling TV offers its customers to combine the two packages for $40/month with an added bundle pack of $5/month.

Sling TV in collaboration with NBC Sports Network provides full access to Six Nations 2022 live stream for only $25/month.

Hulu with Live TV
Hulu with Live TV comes with a basic package of $39.99/month. With the basic package, you will gain access to over 50 channels in addition to NBC Sports Network. You can give a test run with a Hulu with Live TV free trial.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV is the popular online streaming channel that offers over 60 channels at the cost of $40/month. NBC Sports Network is also included in the package. One of the benefits of availing YouTube TV is it offers unlimited DVR storage, which lets you enjoy the matches even after missing the live fixture of the Six Nations 2022 Championship. By subscribing to YouTube TV, you can stream up to three devices at one time.

How to Watch RBS Six Nations 2022 Live with VPN

Virtual Private Network also known as VPN allows you to stream all the above streaming services on your devices irrespective of your location. Many of us face geographical restrictions based on location and also on which streaming device you choose.

Viewers residing outside the United States are unable to access NBC Sports mainly because the IP address is in a region outside viewing boundaries. So here VPN service plays a major role that allows you to stream live fixtures outside your geographical boundaries.

Of all the VPN Services available, Express VPN is the best and one of the most trusted VPNs in the world. Express VPN offers fast speed and encrypted security protection to its subscribers without a lack of restrictions. Also if you are unsatisfied with the service, you can discontinue within 30 days which comes with a money-back guarantee.