List of Rugby Six Nations winners

Six Nations Winners: Six Nations holds a long history of 120 years that has taken a handful of forms and produced plenty of memorable championships. Six Nations Championship is one of the biggest events in the rugby union calendar assembling the best sides in Europe.

Each and every year, teams from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy compete each and every year for this prestigious championship trophy. Now well known as the Six Nations was originally formed as the Home Nations Championship from 1883 to 1903, and thereafter the Championship has evolved over the years with France joining the Five Nations from 1901 to 1931 and became its current format in the year 2000 when Italy joined the Five Nations.

Six Nations Winners
Rugby Six Nations Winners

Earlier England dominated the Home Nations, however since 2003, it has won only one title. Recently Wales has emerged as the strong contender with back to back wins in 2012 and 2013 on the Six Nations Stage. Even though they had won the tournament in 2005 and 2008, the 2012 victory was a real landmark achievement.

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Here we have listed the winning Six Nations teams with the most titles, Grand Slams, and Triple Crown.

Six Nations Winners:

over the years 124 tournaments have been held and here is the list the number of wins each team has had below.

England (28 outright wins, 10 shared wins)

France (17 outright wins, 8 shared wins)

Ireland (14 outright wins, 9 shared wins)

Italy (no wins)

Scotland (15 outright wins, 9 shared wins)

Wales (27 outright wins, 12 shared wins)

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